What's New With Kernl – May 2016

Since last month I’ve been working hard on getting a few features out the door.  They are:

  • All new files are now hosted on S3 – Part of the work to make Kernl highly available is to get files hosted elsewhere.  When you upload a new version to Kernl, or push a change via webhooks, the deliverable now lives on S3.  Existing versions were a bit complicated, so thats going to be a task for May.
  • SSL and domain renewed – The SSL cert and domain for Kernl were renewed this month.  This should have been a completely transparent change.
  • Editable version fields – For plugins, you can now edit a few fields on a version once it has been created.  This was a pre-requisite for getting changelogs implemented nicely.
  • Plugin changelog API – You can now programmatically add, get, and remove changelog entries from you plugins.   Documentation on this feature is available at https://kernl.us/documentation/api#changelog-api and full examples are available at https://github.com/vital101/Kernl-API-Examples
  • Plugin changelog tab – The changelog tab in the plugin detail update window is now populated automatically and looks like the wordpress.org version.

So whats on backlog for May?

  • Moving the legacy version files to S3.
  • Moving the database to its own server + adding a replica.
  • Moving Memcache to its own server.
  • Analytics