What's New With Kernl – September 2017

It’s been great month of development for Kernl! We saw continually increasing traffic, a new cohort of customers, and some great work around making continuous delivery easier to use.


Dropdown Branch Selection for Plugins & Themes – As part of the push to make continuous deployment easier for our customers, you no longer need to type branch names into Kernl. When you select a repository to build the branch selector automatically populates with the branches that are available in the source system. This will hopefully cut down on confusion and instances of typing the branch name wrong.

Github & Gitlab: Deploy Keys & Webhooks – Easily the most exciting feature from this last month of development is the ability for Kernl to fully manage your deploy keys and webhooks on Gitlab and Github. What this means is that when you create, update, or delete a plugin/theme, we automatically manage the deploy keys and webhooks in the source system. The goal is that you don’t have to touch any of the settings in your repository to make Kernl work. The process is currently opt-in (you’ll see the checkbox). We had hoped to get Bitbucket working this month as well, but it didn’t make the cut. Our goal is to have this working sometime in September.

Documentation Updates – As hard as we try to keep Kernl’s documentation up to date sometimes we miss things. Pictures get out of date, 3rd party interfaces change, and any number of other issues crop up. It took some time but we went through and checked the documentation for accuracy and up to date pictures.

Bug Fixes & Other

  • A bug in our Memcached client was causing degraded performance occasionally. It appears that the client would sometimes drop it’s connection and be unable to re-connect. This has been resolved.
  • The plugin/theme latest-version endpoint now includes a “downloadUrl” field.
  • Minor updates to the marketing page to make pricing clearer.