What’s New With Kernl – November 2017

Happy November! The last month was all heads down on one new feature: License Management.


  • WordPress License Management – As many of you know Kernl has had “Purchase Codes” for awhile now. It was clunky to use but generally very effective at it’s goal. License Management is the next generation of Kernl’s purchase code system. It’s less clunky, easier to understand, and doesn’t need to be tied to a plugin or theme. You can access it via the “License Management” button in the main menu. Pricing and usage limits can be viewed in the billing area.

What’s next?

Part of the new License Management system is the concept of customers. Ideally you should be able to tie multiple licenses to a single customer and manage them effectively through Kernl’s web interface or API. The new license management system was launched with a very simplified version of customer management, so the next month will be dedicated to making the customer management experience on Kernl amazing!