What’s New With Kernl – January 2018

Welcome to 2018! 2017 was a great year for Kernl and we’re excited to start 2018 out with some new features that you’ll find useful.

Coming Soon – Kernl Analytics!

An often requested feature for Kernl is some basic analytics around who’s using your product, what WordPress version they’re using, and the domains where it’s installed. It’s not quite ready yet, but we’ve already got some interesting data from January 2, 2018 to share while we finish up. When completed, you’ll have access to this data and more for all of your plugins and themes.

  • Requests processed – 1.58 million
  • Unique domains – 120,000
  • Top 5 WordPress versions:
    • 4.9.1 – 55,367
    • 4.8.4 – 27,151
    • 4.7.8 – 14,523
    • 4.6.9 – 4,748
    • 4.5.12 – 3,207

But enough with the analytics! Let’s talk about what’s new RIGHT NOW for Kernl.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • PDF Invoices – Have you ever wanted to download a copy of your Kernl invoice? You’re now able to do this for all of your recent invoices.
  • Feature Flag bug fixes – It somehow slipped past us that our feature flag API endpoints weren’t respecting account limits (max number of products or flags for your plan). This is fixed now and some useful warning dialogs were put in place for when you hit your max.
  • Blog – Last month we finally got a blog in place. This month we added Google Analytics to it, worked on SEO, picked a better theme, and wrote a few blog posts.
  • Expired Session Redirect Loop – There was a bug in the frontend Angular application that allowed a infinite redirect loop to happen. This has been resolved.
  • General Work on Kernl Analytics

That’s it for this month! Enjoy the new year!