What’s New With Kernl – December 2018

Happy holidays! We’ve been hard at work on some new features, planning for the next year, and writing a bunch of blog posts. Lets dive in!

Features & Bug Fixes

In case you missed it, we launched the closed beta of our WordPress Load Testing service. Most of the feature work has been around addressing feedback that we’ve gotten from our beta users.

  • Repeat Load Tests – You can now repeat a load test with the click of a button.
  • User Request Rate – The user request rate is now configurable. You can tell Kernl how often each user should make a request.
  • IP Addresses & Traceroute – Each load test now has information about the IP addresses of the load generators that were used as well as a traceroute from the load generator to the domain under test.
  • Unified Graph – The requests per second and failures per second graphs are now unified and share the same graph.
  • Site Layout Fetching – Site layouts are now fetched on the backend. CORS headers were causing some issues when Kernl was making requests from the frontend.
  • Manual Routes – You can now add routes manually to your load test.
  • Complex Queries – GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE queries are supported. You can configure custom request bodies as well.
  • Node 10.x Upgrade – With Node.js 8.x getting towards end of life, we’ve moved to the new LTS version of Node.js
  • Email Validation – We’ve validated our domain through our provider so emails are less likely to be flagged as spam.

Blog Posts

Our blog posts from this month revolved around load testing.

Thats it for this year! We hope that you have had a great 2018 and hope your 2019 is even better!

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