What’s New With Kernl – January 2019

Welcome to the new year! January was a great month for Kernl with lots of great new features, tweaks, and bug fixes to make your experience even better. Lets dive in.


  • Plugin & Theme Tile View – The original Kernl list views for both plugins and themes was a table. Over time this table became difficult to understand and didn’t convey a lot of information. The new tile views shows more information about your plugin and theme while being a lot friendlier to new users.
  • Code Widget – On the plugin and theme detail pages there is not a widget at the top that shows you the code you need to integrate Kernl with your product. This is part of a broader plan to make Kernl more friendly to first-time users.
  • Version Table Actions – The plugin/theme version table had 5 different action buttons on it. This was super overwhelming to people so it has been collapsed into a drop-down menu instead.
  • http://status.kernl.us – We now have a full-featured status page powered by Pingdom. You can use this site to check the health of our service.
  • GitLab Oauth – GitLab authentication used to be powered by authentication tokens that you generated on GitLab and then copied into our system. You can now Oauth with GitLab which is a much easier flow for customers to manage.
  • Feature Flag Wizard – Feature flags can be a little daunting if you aren’t already familiar with them. To make it easier for customers to get started with we created a feature flag wizard. If you don’t already have any feature flags I encourage you to check it out.
  • Load Test Site Verification – You are now required to verify site ownership before running load tests. This is accomplished via a simple WordPress plugin. WordPress load testing is still in closed beta, but please reply to this email if you would like to take part in testing.

Minor Features & Bug Fixes

  • Unsubscribe links were broken when we whitelisted our domain with SendGrid. This has been resolved.
  • Our application servers were upgraded to Node.js 10.15.0.
  • Available RAM was increased from 1GB to 2GB on our application servers.
  • JavaScript cache busting has been improved.
  • A loading spinner has been added when plugins and themes are loading.
  • Load testing response time distribution is now blue instead of grey.

Blog Posts

That’s it for this month!

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