What’s New With Kernl – March 2019

March was a great month for Kernl! We did some blogging, a bunch of infrastructure work, and a little bit of unplanned work due to API deprecation at BitBucket. Features & Updates Resource Starvation (Load Testing) – We’ve decreased the number of users per machine that Kernl WordPress Load Testing uses. This helps prevent resource… Continue reading What’s New With Kernl – March 2019

W3 Total Cache Performance Review

Test your own site’s performance with Kernl WordPress Load Testing! In the world of WordPress performance, you can’t go far without talking about caching plugins. I’ve personally used several different caching plugins throughout my time as a WordPress developer but have never really took the time to see how the plugins perform under pressure. Until… Continue reading W3 Total Cache Performance Review

Changes to Kernl Analytics

When Kernl analytics was first released we had tiered approach to pricing: A ‘small’ plan with simple daily analytics and 24 hours of data retention. A ‘agency’ plan with data comparison and 90 day data retention. After looking through our usage data and analytics, we’ve decided that there will now only be a single analytics… Continue reading Changes to Kernl Analytics

Is More RAM or More CPU Better for WordPress Hosting?

Want to performance test your own WordPress site? Try Kernl WordPress Load Testing! Throughout the lifetime of Kernl I’ve always kept an eye out for ways to reduce costs, which means I’ve constantly got an eye on Digital Ocean‘s droplet pricing to see if there are any cost efficiencies to be had. Back in January… Continue reading Is More RAM or More CPU Better for WordPress Hosting?

$5 WordPress VPS Performance Showdown

Want to load test your own WordPress site? Sign up for Kernl now! In the world of affordable WordPress hosting there is an array of different VPS providers to choose from. With so many choices how do you know who to choose? In addition to criteria such as ease of use and support, performance is… Continue reading $5 WordPress VPS Performance Showdown