What’s New With Kernl – July 2021

Summer is typically a slower season at Kernl, so it has been awhile since we’ve done one of these. Over the past few months we’ve done a lot of deep infrastructure work, so let’s break it down!

Features & Infrastructure

  • The Kernl load testing charts now show the number of users at a any given point during the load test.
  • On your plugin & theme pages you can now see the update check volume for your product.
  • You can now upload new plugin & theme versions via our API. Read more about it at the documentation.
  • All of Kernl’s data stores are fully managed by DigitalOcean. This includes
    • MongoDB – Our main data store
    • Redis – Used for caching and for queuing analytics events.
    • PostgreSQL – The Kernl Analytics data store.
  • Kernl’s documentation site has been migrated to DigitalOcean Apps.

That’s it for the past few months. Development and improvements will start to pick back over August. Talk to you then!