What’s New With Kernl? November 2021

Happy (nearly) December! We haven’t done one of these in awhile, so let’s dive in and check out all the great updates.

Features & Updates

  • Kernl Analytics Filterable Domains – You can now filter the domain list by product, WordPress, and PHP version. This is useful if you want to find something like “all domains with my plugin installed that are are using PHP version == 8”.
  • Kernl Analytics Real-Time Data Ingest – At the beginning of Kernl analytics we made a decision to process all analytics data with a 1 day delay. We did this because it simplified performance problems and made the code a lot easier to reason about. For upcoming features though, we needed real-time ingest for our analytics data. All that being said, Analytics data is now processed as it enters our system. No more 1-2 day delays!


  • The now deprecated “requests” library has been replaced in favor of “axios” on our application servers.
  • Client-side runtime exceptions are now reporting to Sentry.
  • Improved alerting for Kernl Analytics if the event processing queue stops receiving events for a > 10 second period.

That’s it for this month! I hope that everyone has a great December and end to 2021.