What’s New With Kernl – September 2020

Hello! I hope that everyone had a great September. This wasn’t a big feature month for Kernl, but we did fix some bugs and make some minor enhancements. Let’s dive in!

Features, Bugs, and Other Improvements

  • Load Testing – The 100th percentile for “final” response time distributions wasn’t being recorded. The reporting position changed in the underlying software that runs the load test which caused this regression. This has been resolved.
  • Analytics Theme Tracking – For those of you who use Kernl Analytics, you can now track which themes your customers are using. We also released v2.0.2 of the Kernl Update Checker to support this change.
  • License Management Bug – A bug was reported where the domain restriction on licenses wasn’t being honored in all situations. This was resolved and a unit test was added for the regression.
  • Analytics Infrastructure – As Kernl grows, so do the needs of our analytics services. The analytics database host has been upgraded to 4GB of RAM and 80GB of disk space.
  • Version Upload Bug – In rare instances, the file upload to AWS S3 might fail when uploading a new plugin or theme version. In those cases, Kernl didn’t catch the failure and would still create a new plugin/theme version. We now verify the upload was successful before creating the new plugin/theme version entry in Kernl.

That’s it for this month! Have an excellent October!

What’s New With Kernl – April 2018

Welcome to April! It was fairly light month for Kernl feature-wise as we’ve been spending more of our efforts on marketing and advertising. We did manage to get a few things done, so lets get in to it!

Features & Bug Fixes

Plugin Update Icons – You can now set the icon that shows up in the WordPress update dashboard! No more gray power outlet icon! To set it, go to your plugin -> edit -> meta and then upload an image.

Multi-Subscription Bug – It was possible (although hard) to get your account into a state where you had multiple Kernl subscriptions assigned to it. This has been resolved. If you notice this happening to you on your invoice, please reach out to jack@kernl.us.

Upgrade to Node.js 8.10.0 – Kernl is now run on the latest LTS version of Node.js. Performance and security updates were part of the upgrade.

Envato License Check Bug – There were certain situations where the Envato license check functionality wasn’t working. This has been resolved.

Blog Post – A new blog post about how I develop features for Kernl.us