Changes to Kernl Analytics

When Kernl analytics was first released we had tiered approach to pricing: A ‘small’ plan with simple daily analytics and 24 hours of data retention. A ‘agency’ plan with data comparison and 90 day data retention. After looking through our usage data and analytics, we’ve decided that there will now only be a single analytics… Continue reading Changes to Kernl Analytics

Introducing The Kernl Analytics Agency Plan

Today we launched the next iteration of Kernl Analytics. The agency plan has been long in the making and we hope that you enjoy the new insights that you can extract with it. Features The Kernl Analytics agency plan is very similar to the “small” plan with two key differences: Increased Data Retention – When… Continue reading Introducing The Kernl Analytics Agency Plan

Introducing Kernl Analytics

Have you ever wanted to know what version of WordPress your customer is running? Or perhaps what version of your plugin or theme? Maybe you have a plugin or theme that’s installed on hundreds or thousands of sites and you want to know which ones?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Kernl… Continue reading Introducing Kernl Analytics